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Sutter School fosters independent, socially conscious, lifelong learners. Sutter School utilizes Positive Behavioral Intervention of Support System For Behavior. These skills include effort, caring, motivation, perseverance, teamwork, problem solving, confidence, responsibility, initiative, and common sense. All classes utilize the "3 B's-- Be respectful, Be responsible, and Be safe."

The PBIS Leadership Team which consists of teachers, administration, and school community make a school and classroom behavior matrix which is posted all over campus. Then the PBIS leadership team teach the matrix to all students and support staff throughout the school year. The PBIS leadership team review data on student behavior monthly to assist teachers on how to support students.

What is PBIS?

PBIS provides structure and support for developing systems of positive and proactive school-wide and individualized interventions strategies that…

  • promote a positive learning environment,

  • create a positive culture,

  • teach and reinforce appropriate behaviors,

  • prevent problem behaviors.

What it is not...

  • a specific practice or curriculum…it’s a general approach to preventing problem behavior

  • limited to any particular group of students…it’s for ALL students

  • new…it’s based on a long history of behavioral practices and effective instructional design and strategies

  • only about rewarding students…it’s a framework that not only acknowledges good behavior but utilizes corrective consequences with an emphasis on teaching the appropriate or expected behaviors

PBIS is based on…

  • Prevention

  • Teaching

  • Effective Practices

  • Supportive Systems

What we do! 

A School-wide Behavioral System

  1. Define School-wide behavioral expectations!  

  2. Teach School-wide Behavioral Expectations

  3. Monitor and Acknowledge Appropriate Behavior

  4. Use a Continuum of Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior

  5. Use Data for Decision Making